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Charles William Johnson
P.O. Box 231126
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USA 70183-1126

  1. The Earth's Matrix 1.3663
  2. The Solar Constant
  3. A Temperature Constant for the Universe (1.366 and .366)pdf
  4. The Solar Constant: 1.3661 and The Earth/matriX Temperature Scale: 1.366085811
  5. The Square Root of Ten (3.16227766) and Its Reciprocal (.316227766)
  6. Table of Selected Physical and Chemical Constants with Corresponding 1.36+ Fractal Values
  7. Physical and Chemical Constants: The significance of the 136.Fractal for the electron in a atom pdf 7pag
  8. The Inverse Fine-Structure Constant, The Ground State Energy Level of the Electron in a Hydrogen Atom, and, The Earth/matriX Thermodynamic Temperature Scale [137.03599911 | -13.6eV | 1.3661]
  9. Maximum Number of Electrons in Shells of Atoms: The 1.3611111
  10. Matter and Energy Disengaged: Ionization Energy the Solar Constant, the Temperature Scale and the Refractive Index of Light [ 1.36 | 1.366 | 1.367 ]
  11. The .366 | 1.366 | pi2 Baseline of the Special Right Triangle Series.

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