Matter and Energy Disengaged

Ionization Energy, the Solar Constant,
the Temperature Scale, and the Refractive Index of Light
[ 1.36 | 1.366 | 1.367 ]

Charles William Johnson


Although matter-energy exists united in reality, conceptually the two concepts are disengaged at times. Consider some spacetime events where matter-energy are united, yet unrecognized as such in the literature. The temperature scale, ionization energy, the solar constant and the refractive index together present a value of measurement revolving around fractal 1.36(6). The fractal expression of 1.36(6) is relevant to matter-energy events as a unit and as a ratio of measurement. The ionization energy of hydrogen is 13.6 electron volts. The solar constant, the amount of energy reaching the surface of the Earth from the Sun is 1.367 kilowatts per square meter. The thermodynamic temperature scale presents a ratio of 1.366 as the relationship between the boiling and freezing points of water. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. [373.15 / 273.15 = 1.366]. A refractive index of 1.366 represents a ratio that produces a velocity for light in a medium that yields a difference of exact multiples of the velocity of light. One such medium involved, ethyl alcohol, contains hydrogen and oxygen plus carbon. Within this realm of measurement, "Living cells typically have a refractive index of between 1.33 and 1.38." Approximately 1.36 is the average of these two cited values. All of these matter-energy events reflect the same/similar spacetime coordinates; little wonder their fractal measurements match.

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For nearly a century now, scientists have been propagating the belief that matter and energy are equivalent, one transfers to the other, each exists as itself and as the other. In reality matter and energy are united; conceptually they are disengaged even when efforts are made to unite them. Everyone knows the formula: E = mc2 . It is understandable that the numbers that reflect the equivalency of matter-energy are themselves relational, if not the same or similar. Think about it, if the numbers reflecting spacetime did not match or were not interchangeable, well, then something would be erroneous with the initial postulate. It only makes sense. There should be no surprise in finding the fractal expressions of equivalency as illustrated in this essay. What surprises me is that no one has drawn attention to these relationships in the numbers, especially with regard to the 1.366 ratio in the thermodynamic temperature scale as I have been calling attention to in my writing for the past few years.

If matter and energy are relational, equivalent, then, obviously the numbers reflecting their behavior must also be equivalent and relational, or at least complementary, in the same/similar manner and to the same/similar degree. To exemplify this point, let us examine some of the fractal expressions of specific matter-energy events measured by the scientists. Let us begin by considering the elementary level of the ionization energy of hydrogen, the binding energy of the electron in the first element on the periodic table of the elements. This level is most basic throughout the existence of matter-energy.

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Un comentario de Jorge Luna:
Una constante en las diferentes mediciones de la energía surge con el número 1366. Se presenta en diferentes campos científicos, por ejemplo en el área de la computación los nuevos monitores de plasma definen su máxima resolución con el "pixel perfecto" 1366 x 768.

see version pdf: matter_energy.pdf

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