Ancient Numerology

ISBN 1-58616-176-8

The Anti-Radian

ISBN 1-58616-181-4

The Aztec Calendar: a 374.4 Circle

ISBN 1-58616-183-0

The Aztec Calendar: Math and Design

ISBN 1-58616-182-2

Beyond the Pythagorean Theorem

ISBN 1-58616-193-8

The Binary System

ISBN 1-58616-179-2

Fermat's Last Theorem: a Summation

ISBN 1-58616-192-X

The Geometry of Ancient Sites

ISBN 1-58616-186-5

The Geometry of Pakal: the Glyphs

ISBN 1-58616-191-1

The Great Scales: Osiris and Pakal

ISBN 1-58616-190-3

Images of the Aztec Calendar

ISBN 1-58616-185-7

Lagrangian Points on the Aztec Calendar

ISBN 1-58616-184-9

Numbers and Cycles in Ancient Astronomy

ISBN 1-58616-180-6

Pakal: the Ancient Astronaut

ISBN 1-58616-189-X

Pi: The Reciprocal of Seven and Trigono/metriX

ISBN 1-58616-178-4

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Motion

ISBN 1-58616-187-3y

Reckoning Time: Ancient Day-Counts

ISBN 1-58616-177-6

Sounds, Symbols and Meaning: Ancient Egyptian,
Nahuatl and Maya

ISBN 1-58616-188-1