The Crop Circle Music Wheel 

by Joseph E. Mason


I am not a student of music, but the subject came up in a number of my other studies. I and others have had dreams where music is heard or a song is sung. I had a dream in 1990 of musical tones sounding as water drops came down into a field, creating quintuplet set crop circle formations.

Some others have dreamed of seeing musical symbols. For example, Katherine dreamed of seeing huge spheres in orbit around the earth. She went inside one of the spheres and saw large geometric shapes that seemed to be musical notes.

The ancient Greeks spoke of "The Music of the Spheres." The sun god, Apollo, was the god of music and truth. Ancient philosophers, such as Pythagoreas, incorporated arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and harmonics into their studies. An understanding of the universal forms that underlie the structure of life and the cosmos was a key in understanding the Divine.

I read about the work of Gerald Hawkins in crop circle journals, and in Science News. He reportedly found mathematical theorems revealed in the geometry of various crop circle formations. According to professor Hawkins, the crop formations indicated ratios that correspond to the intervals of the octaves of the musical scale, as with the white keys of the piano.

One article pointed out that the present standard tuning is based on the central "A" note in the center of the piano keyboard being set at 440 cycles per second.

In mid 1996, the idea came to me to create a Music Wheel based on 440 cycles per second tuning. In mid-June, 1996, I sent a letter and diagrams to Charles Johnson, explaining the concept. I made contact with Charles through Carl Munk's "The Code" newsletters. Charles later created the great website, Earth/matriX, Science in Ancient Artwork:

This is the letter, and related materials, I sent to Charles:

Letter to Charles Johnson

                                                                                                                                          June 16, 1996

Charles W. Johnson
P.O. Box 231126
New Orleans, LA 70183-1126

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Thank you for your response to my letter. It was good timing, because some of the numbers you wrote about popped up in a current project involving music wheels. I'll give a brief background about it and enclose some photocopies of the work.

In the first several years of my dream research and related areas, such as crop circle patterns and myths/religions, I sometimes found numbers and/or geometry. Many of the numbers were divisible by nine and added to nine or twice nine, such as 72, 108, 360, 432, 666, 864, 1080, 1152, 1656, 2520, 3168, 3240, 25920, 31680 and 144000. The number 31680 was reported to be the square footage of the circles in the Barbury Castle crop formation. When divided by six, the result is 5280, feet in a mile. Divided by 72 gives 440.

A corresponding friend sent some of my material about the numbers to Carl Munck, who then contacted me and informed me about "The Code," and Gematria. I presume you know that Carl found the numbers to contain just two tangents, (ignoring the +/- signs) which suggest sine waves. When the two tangents are multiplied, the number produced is the square root of five, which itself is the tangent of the speed of light in air. The above numbers (other than 440 and 5280) have such tangents or zero tangents. When the final zero(s) are removed, all have the same two tangents.

He also informed me that 5280, 60, and 67800 (the orbital speed of the earth) have tangents that equate to the square root of three.

Some months later, I had a dream of a circle divided into pie-shaped parts, and knew it was about Gematrian numbers. I drew a circle and then put the numbers on marks around it based on the tangents. It turned out to be a 360 degree circle divided into 10 divisions of 36 each. Each divisional section has six subsections of 6 degrees each, for a total of 60 small subsections. Each full circuit around the wheel produces the same numbers multiplied by ten. (360, 720, 1080, etc.) This can be continued into more circuits, adding more digits, so that 144000, for instance, could be considered as 400 times around the wheel.

It seemed coincidental that the circle (or wheel) had ten parts, because I had mentioned such an idea regarding two crop formations that appeared in 1993, the Bythorn Mandala and the Spider Wed pattern. Both were circular patterns divided into ten sections. Carl said ten was the base harmonic of the planet earth, found at its very core.

Click on left image for more information

Bythorn Mandala

Spider Web

I wrote to Carl about the idea and he subsequently published it in "The Code," #4-95. He pointed out that each section (36 degrees) is 1/5 radian, and how the radian is integral to The Code.

More recently, I contacted James Furia, after I read his article in "The Code," #33. His Music Circles were quite meaningful to me as regarding dreams and universal mythology. The number 5280 showed up at the 180 degree point of his circle, which was intriguing. 440 was a number I considered some years ago, and one idea is that it is one quarter of a mile in yards. In this sense, all of the "A" notes in Jimi's Circle are divisions of yards in a mile, including 1760 = one mile.

You probably know that astronomer Gerald Hawkins found previously unknown mathematical theorems revealed in the geometry of certain crop formations and that they show ratios that correspond to the intervals of the octaves of the musical scale. As the patterns seem to be created by other-worldly beings, I do think something major is starting to be revealed. Many clues suggest that it's about creation itself, rather than just an interesting system of numbers/geometry. Your work seems to further support this claim.

In Carl's latest newsletter, "The Code," #34, a diagram showed a musical scale worked out by William B. Conner that is similar to Jimi's, but has 492 as the center "A" note, rather than 440. There are many Gematrian numbers on this scale, and, unlike Jimi's Circle, integers only are listed.

In an attempt to understand the differences, I took the 440 figure as the central "A" note and calculated the next number/note based on Hawkins' ratios, which were also used by Gurdjief. The interval ratio given for the note of A is 5/3 and B is 15/8. Gurdjief gives 12.5% as the multiplier between A and B. The reasoning seems to be - (15/8 = 1.875)/(5/3 =1.666666667) = 1.125. So the B note is 440 x 1.125 = 495. Jimi listed that B note as 513.3.

I continued the calculations up and down the scale and found some very interesting number relationships. (see (A) following )

















































































































A 14080


Except for some of the lower notes, most of the numbers are integers. All of the A notes are the same as [one of] Jimi's, but all of those in between are different. 5280 came up as an E note, rather than the D# on Jimi's Circle, and it falls at 240 degrees. Many notes are Gematrian numbers, such as 396, 792, 1188, etc., in the sense that they divide evenly by 36. Other numbers fall on the sub-scale marks of 6 degrees each. Like Conner's system, there are interrelated scales of certain numbers. Your term, "fractals," seems appropriate.

The number 11 and multiples are clear in the numbers. In an attempt to show the relationships graphically, I created a double wheel. The outer one is the "Gematrian Wheel," while the inner one has 33 marks, separated into three groups of 11 each.

The Gematrian Wheel

Inner Wheel with 33 marks

The major marks on the inner wheel at 11 and 22 fall on the 120 and 240 degree points. Unlike the outer wheel, the inner wheel does not retain geometrically the degrees and tangents. They can be calculated easily, however. 360/33 = 10.90909091, so, for example, 11 marks = 11 x 10.90909091 = 120, and 5.5 marks correspond to 60 degrees.

Music wheels (B) through (G) show the numbers placed on the double wheel and some of the interrelationships. Wheel (H) shows the geometry suggested by some of the numbers.

#B - #C - #D - #E - #F - #G - #H

You can see that the numbers/relationships have similarities to those in your work. When I saw the numbers in your Extension of the Pythagorean Theorem, I thought of them in terms of various "wheels." They all fit in certain ways to the ten-part Gematrian Wheel.  The progression 5, 15, 30, 60, 120, etc. fits with the six-part or twelve-part wheels (as with our own clock face).

The geometry of the Northwest quadrant of the Double Wheel (H) suggests a twelve-part wheel. All points of the star are marked with a note except at 60 degrees. The points are marked by "E" notes along with "B" notes at 0/360, 180, and 270 degrees. The points of the star have either zero tangents or square root of three tangents.

I have more ideas/information about the square root of three connection, but I'll withhold most of it for now in order to keep this reasonably short. It fits with a nine-part wheel and music. Pythagoras is said to have expressed it as 265/153 in the metaphorical story of the 153 fishes in the net. The story was adapted by the writer of the Book of John. (see John 21:3-11)

John 21

3 "Simon Peter said to them, "I am going fishing." They said to him, "We will go with you." They went out and got into the boat; but that night they caught nothing.

4 - Just as day was breaking, Jesus stood on the beach; yet the disciples did not know that it was Jesus.

5 - Jesus said to them, "Children, have you any fish?" They answered him "No."

6 - He said to them, "Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some." So they cast it, and now they were not able to haul it in, for the quantity of fish.

7 - That disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, "It is the Lord!" When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he put on his clothes for he was stripped for work, and spring into the sea.

8 - But the other disciples came in the boat, dragging the net full of fish, for they were not far from the land, but about a hundred yards off.

9 - When they got out on land, they saw a charcoal fire there, with fish lying on it, and bread.

10 - Jesus said to them, "Bring some of the fish that you have just caught."

11 - So Simon Peter went aboard the boat and hauled the net ashore, full of large fish, a hundred and fifty-three of them; and although there were so many, the net was not torn.

(The 153 Fishes)

I found it fascinating that your series 4, 12, 24, 48, etc. shows up on the double wheel as multiples of 11. (12 x 11 = 132, 24 x 11 = 264, 48 x 11 = 528, etc.) These are "C" notes. In your system the numbers repeat by a factor of ten in the other column, (120, 240, 480, etc.) and a similar thing happens on the double wheel. (1320, 2640, 5280, etc.) These are "E" notes that have "feet in a mile" implications.

The "F" notes relate to the "A" notes in a similar way: 88/880, 176/1760 , 352/3520, etc. These have "yard" implications, so that makes four notes (C, E, F, and A) suggesting "distance" in present and apparently ancient terms. The note of "B" also fits into the idea.  For example, 7920 could be considered as 4.5 miles in yards.

The note of "G" fits as well, such as 3168 being .6 of a mile in feet or 1.8 miles in yards. The "D" note fits in a similar way, such as 4752/5280 = 0.9. All seven notes can be seen as "distance" measurements.

Conner's system has numbers that fit with yours. Particularly interesting is the "F" at 192, and the "A" at 1920. Jimi has recently worked out a similar system starting with 432 as the central "A" note. Of course, anytime you start multiplying by 36 multiples, you are going to come up with Gematrian numbers. The same happens with multiples of 6, 9, 18, and other numbers. So, I'm not sure that such systems are all that significant. The ratios and geometries impress me as being more significant than specific numbers. The "distance" connection tends to get "lost" when proceeding in such a manner.

Some of the reasons I like the Double Wheel system, starting at the central "A" note of 440 cps, are these: It is the international standard for tuning, and tends to enhance the "distance" connection. Clear whole numbers of significance appear, such as 1760, 5280, and 3168, and proportions of them are also clear.

I'll tell a story to illustrate another reason. Not long after I learned of Gematria through Carl, I mentioned it briefly to Paul Rydeen, a correspondence friend. Paul replied, saying that he had studied Gematria, and Carl's numbers did not fit with it. Numbers such as 666, 777, 888, and 999 were part of the system Paul knew about. Paul sent some of his recent dreams along with the letter, all of which had "sand" in some form. The final dream had the number 7920 in it. I am enclosing a photocopy. (I) Recognizing it as a Gematrian-type number, I looked in "The Code," (vol. 3, nr. 6) to find the "Alpha" meaning. It was not there, but a related number was listed, 396, as "Classical earth radius (3,960 miles)." Incredibly, 7920 is the diameter of the planet earth! After informing Paul of this fact, he said it was quite an eye-opener, because Gematria literally means, "measuring the earth."

You can imagine my delight when the earth radius and diameter popped up on the Double Wheel. It was "music" to my ears.

Paul's dream added some support to a theory I expressed in my letter to Carl that appeared in The Code. The idea is that the ancients received advanced knowledge from dreams or dream-like states, such as visions. The remarkable things we are seeing, such as the accurate locating of the ancient sites, came from a dream source or spiritual source.  We are involved collectively on that level, but we remember little.

The similarity of the sites and dimensions, their interrelated numbers/coordinates, etc. can be explained in this way, that is, it is part of the collective consciousness of the world. It's part of the same phenomenon found in comparative mythology where very similar ideas are found worldwide. The ancient people of the East and West may never have had physical contact. And they may have not completely understood the various numbers, coordinates, etc.

I should explain how I went about calculating the musical numbers. Hawkins listed the notes and ratios with common denominators like this:

















 24/24  27/24  30/24  32/24  36/24  40/24  45/24  48/24

Gurdjief gave the same fractions along with the interval percent increase:
















The 12.5% works out to the 1.125 multiplier, as I mentioned. (or divider for going to a lower note) 11% appears to be an approximation, so I figured (5/4 = 1.25)/(9/8 = 1.125) = 1.111111111. Instead of 6.5% I used (4/3 = 1.333333333)/(5/4 = 1.25) = 1.066666667.

An interesting possibility came to me as I read your "Science in Ancient Artwork Series," #16. The fractions 225/360 and 365/584 reduce to 5/8, and when this is doubled, it is 5/4, which relates to the musical note of E. Doubling the decimal .625 comes to 1.25, which may be related to the 12.5% interval increase in music. The number 384 appears in your Extension, and it shows up on the Double Wheel as 384 x 11 and 3840 + 384 = 4224, a C note. 3840 is ten and two-thirds times 360. I noticed that 384/360 = 1.066666667, another music interval increase number.

I have a large amount of information about the crop circles, including all the "Cerealogist" and "Circular" issues. Unfortunately, I haven't found time to study them specifically for number connections. But I have noticed some that fit in. I'll give my best example.

Click here for large chart

Graphic Image credit: John F. Langrish

The chart above shows some numbers concerning the Barbury Castle pictogram.

(Barbury Castle is a crop circle which appeared in England in 1991)

666 may be suggested by the 6 radii distance between the corner circular areas. A subsequent pattern had three sixes in a triangular arrangement. The square footage number, 31680, is that amazing number I mentioned previously. The north sun symbol may suggest the six- part wheel, with its 60 degree segments and square root of three tangents. Line XA at 120 degrees matches one of those points in terms of direction. Line CD at 30 degrees fits with the twelve-part wheel. Angle AY has the Gematrian number 108 degrees.

The date the pattern appeared may be part of the message. Noah's Ark landed on the seventeenth day of the seventh month. (Gen. 8:4)

Gen. 8:4 - "and in the seventh month, on the
seventeenth day of the month the ark came
to rest upon the mountains of Ar'arat."

The 234 degrees of XB and BZ leading into the moon symbol did not seem to fit with anything, until I punched up the tangent. I was surprised to see it was the positive tangent of 666. I already felt that 666 was Gematria- related, because it falls exactly between two Gematrian points, as does 90 and 270. It fits with a twenty-part wheel. These tangents fall at 54, 126, 234, 306, 414, 486, 594, 666, etc. 594 shows up as a "D" note on the Double Wheel. (C) The numbers are separated by 72 and 108 degrees. Doubling the numbers create Gematrian numbers. This shows on the Double wheel as a "D" at 1188.

I do not think of 666 in the same way as a conventional Christian. The Greeks associated it with Helios and the physical sun. Early Christian mystics associated it with the lower, physical aspect of the sun as demiurge or world fabricator. St. John calls it "a human number" in Rev. 13:18. Notice: 13 x 18 = 234! Coincidence? Synchronicity?

A dream/experience of mine indicated that the demiurge signifies the consciousness gestalt of mankind, symbolized by the swastika. Going counterclockwise, or West, indicates a negative, although learning, creation. This can be formed by four curved horns, like glyphs found in Mexico. Going clockwise, or East, shows a positive creation (Hitler not withstanding). This can be composed of four right-angled squares, like those used by carpenters and masons. It was called a "builder" symbol. Imagine my surprise when I read Zechariah 1:18-21:

"And I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, four horns! And I said to the angel who talked with me, 'What are these?' And he answered me, 'These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem.' Then the Lord showed me four smiths (or carpenters). And I said, 'What are these coming to do?' He answered, 'These are the horns which scattered Judah, so that no man raised his head; and these have come to terrify them, to cast down the horns of the nations who lifted up their horns against the land of Judah to scatter it.'"

Several years ago I told a dream to Pablo, a correspondence dream networker. He wrote back, saying that it reminded him of a story about Judah in Genesis, where Judah fornicated with a putative harlot by the roadside. I flipped open my Bible to find the story, and by coincidence, found that I had opened it to the exact page, Genesis 38. The genealogy listed in Matthew 1 shows that a line of kings, including David and Solomon, led down from Judah's unholy union with the woman he thought was a prostitute, and eventually to Jesus.

Joshua was helped by a harlot at Jericho. Revelation 17 speaks of the great harlot who is seated upon many waters (which are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues) with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication. Indications are strong that the harlot is none other than Kali, of the Eastern traditions. In my view, the symbolic meanings are being revealed now in the dreams of the people.

There is a strong clue in Genesis 49:9 about the symbolism of Judah. He is called "a lion's whelp," then, "He stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as a lioness; who dares rouse him up?" This, I do think, has a connection to the Sphinx. According to Blavatsky, the Biblical patriarchs correspond to the Zodiacal signs, and Judah is Leo. Genesis 49:10 says the scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until it comes to whom it belongs.

The Sphinx looks directly East. According to Graham Hancock, new evidence shows that the Giza pyramids represent Orion and the Sphinx represents Leo. He also says that people are now digging down to a chamber between the paws. Perhaps they will find Judah's scepter!

I believe there is another connection in Revelation. In Rev. 7:2 the angel ascends from the rising of the sun, that is, East, and he calls with a loud voice. In Rev. 10:3 the angel calls out with a loud voice, like a lion roaring.

The distance the sun travels in 20 days, 230,400,000 miles, may be related to the number 234 by more than the other-than-zero numbers. Compare to it the adding of zeros into Gematrian numbers and finding that they all have the same tangent, such as 108, 1008, 10008, or 144, 1044, 1404, etc. Try this with 36 and find 306 has the 666 tangent. 2016 has the same tangent as 216, whereas 2106 has the 666 tangent.

Another interesting thing, 666 - 90 = 576 x 2 = 1152, or 2 x 666 = 1332 - 180 = 1152. Being directly across from one another on the Gematrian Wheel, 1332 and 1152 have the same tangent. It may not mean anything, but 666 is related to the sun, and, as you discovered, 11,520,000 miles is the distance the sun travels in one day. 1152 is the most important Gematrian number to me personally. I had quite an experience with it, but that's a very long story. It's in my Pollen Path series of articles.

Several years before I heard about Gematria, I jotted a note in my journal about the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 as a symbolic event, foretelling a period of stress starting with W.W.I two years later, and how this precedes a great change. This was partly based on a book called, "Futility", which predicted the event in exacting detail years prior to the building of the ship. In the book, the ship was called "The Titan". Shortly thereafter, I discovered some Jehovah's Witness literature on my writing table, left there by a young friend of my son's. I started to put it in the wastebasket, but something told me to read it. It told of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Daniel, where a great tree was cut and banded, causing a period of insanity for seven years. This means "prophetic years," they say, which are 360 years each (the Hebrew calendar used twelve 30-day months). The story is interpreted as 7 x 360 = 2520 years. From the fall of the temple at Jerusalem this gives the date 1914 as the time when Jesus would throw the demons out of Heaven down to earth to begin the Apocalypse. Well, it seems wild, but I do pay attention to coincidence.

Around this time, a relative gave me the book, "The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch". It was written by scientist, James J. Hurtak, as a result of a visionary experience in 1973. It's an amazing book, but not easy to understand. I found many connections to my own experience, including the Mayan connection. It tells of a very great change coming within decades. Dr. Hurtak was told by spiritual beings that there are 72 Divine Names used as codes in creation.

The following year, I received a communication from Susan Alexjander of Oakland. She is a musical scholar and told of her project of creating music based on the frequencies of the four bases of DNA. She found that the best conversion factor was 36 to bring down the frequencies to audible sound. She found this interesting, because she read about music created from movement of the planets, and how 36 was used as the conversion factor to bring up the frequencies to our hearing levels.

Right after this, a strange thing happened as I was working the swing shift. The numbers 72 and 360 kept coming into my mind over and over, as the Divine Names used as codes in creation, and the Prophetic years. Finally, I stopped working to multiply them. 72 x 360 = 25,920! Well, I knew the precession number from Campbell's "The Inner Reaches of Outer Space", so I was quite startled. All this happened at the time of the solstice, and Susan had signed off her letter with, "Happy solstice." I returned home that night and looked at my calendar, which had little sayings on each page. This day had information about the 26,000 year precession.

Later on, I became intrigued with the precession number. Playing with it, I came up with (6 squared + 6 squared) x (6 squared x 10) = 25,920. I wondered if it had a 666 connection.

I am telling these little stories to illustrate a couple of points. I want you to see how my peculiar approach led to this interest in numbers, and how they seem to connect to the ancient systems. The main point is, if a few meaningful things came my way by rather strange means, could it be that the ancients, who were far more advanced than we in dream-related work, came to some of their information by some similar method? Another point is to show evidence that these things are part of the collective (un-) consciousness of mankind, and that they have a truth behind them about creation, which we are only beginning to re-learn.

I am wondering if there is a number connection between 234 and 216. In the pictogram 234 degrees positions the moon glyph (the three corner glyphs are said to have parallels in alchemical signs corresponding to the sun/sulfur, the moon/salt, and Mercury/quicksilver). 234 is midway between 216 and 252, 18 degrees from each. 234 has the 666 tangent, while 216 is 6 x 6 x 6. 2160 is sometimes associated with the moon's diameter (it is also the radius of the earth's inner core). Gematrian numbers have the tendency to appear in various orders of the digits, for example, 432 and 324, or 864 and 468. 486 is directly across (180 degrees) from 666. Twice 216 is 432, which is a well known number in mythology. Reverse the order of 432 and you have 234.

The Gematrian Alpha meaning of 432 is "Consecration" (and the square root of the classical speed of light), while its double, 864, is "Time, the source of light and life, Most Holy."

In myths/religions, 432 is associated with time cycles, sometimes expressed as 4 x 108. The moon is also said to be symbolically related to evolutionary cycles. In Eastern religions, our present age, the Kali-Yuga, is said to be 432,000 years. 108 is the number of names of the Goddess Mother of the world. A Viking myth tells of the Day of Ragnorook, the Doomsday of the Gods. At that time 800 Divine Warriors will come out of each of the 540 doors of Valhalla. 800 x 540 = 432,000 (540 could relate to 54, which has the 666 tangent).

According to Joseph Campbell, the cycle number is carefully hidden in the Bible. Genesis follows the earlier Babylonian story of the great flood, where ten kings ruled for 432,000 years up to the time of the flood. There are ten patriarchs from Adam to Noah, who lived very long lives. From Adam's creation to the landing of the Ark there are 1656 years (a Gematrian number). There are 86,400 weeks in 1656 years, and half that is 43,200.

Campbell also pointed out that the precession number, 25,920, when divided by the ancient "soss," 60, is 432. It just struck me now, 25,920 divided by the 12 signs of the Zodiac comes to 2160. This fits well with your "Extension" numbers. Each Zodiac sign averages to 30 degrees each. The axis of our world wobbles along for 2160 years as we go through each age of the 30 degrees of each Zodiac sign. And your "Extension" numbers have 12 and 30 as multiples, 6 cubed (216), and 60 cubed (216,000).

A sequence of doubling 216 shows up on Conner's keyboard as "G" notes (216, 432, 864, and 1728).

I just started adding 216's and more ideas cascaded: 216, 432, 648, 864, 1080, 1296, 1512, 1728, 1944, 2160, 2376, 2592. Carl listed the "Alpha" of Gematrian 1728 as "A- flat in music." 1296 is an interesting number, the square of 36. If you punch in a six on your calculator and then hit the "square" key twice, you get 1296. 2592 is a tenth of the precession number.

Then a memory popped in - two of those numbers are related to the global positioning of the Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza (see "The Code 1996" annual, page 187). There are 36 steps arranged in a square and 20 columns on top, giving 36 squared = 1296 times 20 = 25920, divided by 119, then by 42 gives the longitude of 119 degrees 42' 05.18607443" West Giza. Then divide 25920 by 20 to get 1296, divided by 20, then divided by 41, to get the 20 degrees 41' 01.580487802" North latitude. The coordinate intersect is 20. (25920 divided by 1296) Perhaps this is another clue as to why the Mayans used the number 20.

I had a dream several years ago involving a Mr. Webb and a Mr. Noon, which I interpreted as being about the end of a great cycle and the beginning of a new one. In trying to interpret the meaning of "Mr. Noon", I remembered that the number of seconds up until noon time is 43,200.

Part of the point here is that the sequence of numbers, 54, 108, 216, 432, and 864, may be related to portions of time and time cycles. It fits with our own system in a certain way.

I know only a little about Mayan time keeping, and I want to learn more. I have been fascinated by it, especially when I learned of the Gematrian connection. I am wondering about their use of the number 20 as a multiplier of various numbers. Could it be related to a "wheel" divided into 20 parts, like a double Gematrian wheel? Such a wheel would include all those in-between points, such as 18, 54, 90, 126, 234, 270, 306, and 666.

There are some interesting things about 225/360. 225 is 15 squared, and 360 is six squared times ten. 225 has a tangent of 1, while 360 has a zero tangent. This may hint at a wheel divided into 8 parts - at 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, and 360 degrees. Connecting the points forms an eight-rayed star, which is a major symbol. I had a dream in 1990 which caused me to draw such stars.

About a month later I began my study of myths, and found that Navaho sand paintings resembled my dream. They show four couples around a square (there were also four couples aboard Noah's Ark).

Some months later a relative gave me "The Sacred Symbols of Mu". The eight-rayed star is a male sun symbol and the Royal Escutcheon of Mu, and was associated with Kin, Horus, Apollo and Belmarduk (K).


I noticed too, that these points are marked on the photos of the carving you included with the material you sent to me. Perhaps it suggests a diagram of a wheel relating to the various numbers and tangents.

I have had a constant string of what I call "dream-coincidence" for six years. Some of them seem to be predictive of, and/or related to, certain crop formations. Through this, I feel I have a pretty good handle on what this big change is all about. And there are most definitely Mayan and Mexican connections. The numbers sometimes are interrelated with it.

One of the things I'll be hoping for, is that dreams will come that give new insights. This happens very often in my research, and it sometimes comes from another person who knows little or nothing about the work. Part of the objective is to learn the new insights, and to show evidence that the information is imparted through the dream/spirit/unconscious realm, and therefore it may have come via that method to the ancients.

Part of the goal of my work is to interest others in exploring dreams and related things, as part of a flood of new, yet ancient, knowledge that is, and will be, part of the great change. It's coming like puzzle-pieces to many, but most of it remains unrecognized. It is not easy to "prove" such a claim because it involves symbol interpretation, which is always controversial. but, mathematical/geometrical concepts are not as subject to interpretation or misinterpretation.

I find your material very brilliant indeed, and I personally thank you for the work. I look forward to hearing from you again, and reading the Science in Ancient Artwork Series.

Best wishes and High regards,


Paul Rydeen's Dream

July 9, 1995 - The Sands of Time

I am walking along the edge of what is supposed to be our new house. It doesn't really look like it. It's right on a busy street, maybe near Grandma Johnson's old house. I'm sort of both inside and outside at once, as if the basement merges into the yard. I walk along a sand-filled trench looking for dinosaur tracks. I kick back several inches of sand to find the hard surface below. Instead of dinosaur tracks, I find astronaut tracks fossilized in the bedrock.

I push a large, empty, off-white fiberglass linen cart out of my way. It rolls through the sand, down toward the street. It keeps on going, and I worry it will cause an accident. It looks OK, but then a car crashes into it. It's a little white four-door car, a miniature Ford Falcon. This must be Horus, the Millennium Falcon who, descending, spews out a New Age. I go down to inspect the damage.

The driver is an actor - hence, not what he seems - named Kirk, which means 'church'.  Kirk is OK, but the car has heavy damage to the left side, which is where the cart hit it.

Kirk comes back later with an inflated estimate of $7920.00. Kirk wants me to sign the estimate. I tell him I can't admit to fault, but I will give it to my insurance company for review. They'll probably want to negotiate, I tell him. I go ahead and start to sign it as an acknowledgement rather than agreement, but stop when I get grease all over the page.  The grease is from some green shop machinery the previous owner left behind. His name was Champion. I hand the estimate back to Kirk, unsigned.

Out front, I see Kirk's car. Now it's an early '80s Monte Carlo, all hot-rodded up, still white. Kirk points out the damaged rear quarter panel. 'Make sure they know it's a fender,' he says, as if the insurance agent wouldn't know what a rear quarter panel was.  There's no way I'm allowing my insurance company to pay $7920 when the whole car is not worth half that much. Even if it's the Monte Carlo I'm paying for, it's too much. I haven't forgotten the Falcon.

The fact that it's a different car now, a substitute, bothers me. 'Monte Carlo' (Mount Charles) refers to a Mediterranean (Middle Earth) gambling resort. It's a gamble all right, a gamble on their part. This seems to be a scapegoat, a 'pharmikon' substitute for a real sacrifice. The inflated repair bill seems to be the price they want me to pay for searching for those dinosaurs tracks, for discovering the truth. The astronauts, the future, where here first. They weren't allowed to set foot on the moon in Apollo 13, but they did set foot on the earth, once. The record lies beneath the sand. It was in our past.

End of letter and materials sent to Charles in June, 1996

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