The Bi-Gravitational Solar System:
Center-Point and Barycenter

Charles William Johnson
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The Barycenter of the Sun-Jupiter Solar System

Scientists today affirm that the barycenter of the Sun-Jupiter solar system is said to be 1.068 solar radii. I wrote an essay entitled, “The Great Pyramid’s Hidden Constant”. In that essay, I found a dimensionless number 1068.849849 pertaining to the diagonal line of the Great Pyramid if its side measurement is 755.7909764 feet.

The radius of the Sun is given to be approximately in rounded-off figures 696000 kilometers or 432000 miles.

696000 times 1.068 = 743328 kilometers is where the barycenter of the Sun:Jupiter solar system lies away from the center of the Sun. If we employ the figures given today, which are said to be exact (by NIST), for the speed of light in kilometers and then miles, the following obtains.

299792.458 / 186282 = 1.60934743
a conversion factor between kilometers and miles

432000 x 1.60934743 = 695238.0899
696000 / 1.60934743 = 432473.4281

Either way, it is noticeable that the figures often given for the diameter/radius of the Sun in kilometers (696000) and miles (432000) do not correspond to one another exactly i.e., as of the conversion factor used in measurements for the speed of light. The barycenter for our solar system is given as 1.068, the point of gravity of our solar system. For some other solar system the proportion of 1.068 would change however, as in all likelihood it would be arranged distinctly.

(Complete essay:: bi-gravitational)

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