Sheryl E. Hartzheim

Sheryl Elizabeth Hartzheim

In loving memory to a Princess Warrior.

Sheryl was dumbfounded when she learned that she had breast cancer. Her gynecologist had told her not to worry about the lump in her breast; to come back in six months. Before the six months were up, she became worried nonetheless and saw another doctor who ordered an immediate biopsy. The news of an advanced stage of cancer was shocking to her and the entire family.

For eighteen years she fought as a Princess Warrior, ultimately battling four different types of cancer. Even when she was receiving her chemotherapy treatments, she would be assisting others with their treatments, offering advice and words of encouragement. She would cite her own experience with the different “chemo-cocktails” to let others know what to expect from their side effects. She was always smiling during all of her battles.

Sheryl’s video-depo presented here offers a summary view in her own words of the war she waged as a Princess Warrior against cancer.


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