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Massive dose of measles vaccine clears woman's cancerMassive dose of measles vaccine clears woman's cancer
May 15, 2014

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Mayo Clinic researchers announced a landmark study where a massive dose of the measles vaccine, enough to inoculate 10 million people, wiped out a Minnesota woman's incurable blood cancer.

The Mayo Clinic conducted the clinical trial last year using virotherapy. The method discovered the measles virus wiped out multiple myeloma cancer calls. Researchers engineered the measles virus (MV-NIS) in a single intravenous dose, making it selectively toxic to cancer cells.

Stacy Erholtz, 49, of Pequot Lakes, was one of two patients in the study who received the dose last year, and after 10 years with multiple myeloma has been clear of the disease for over six months.

"My mindset was I didn't have any other options available, so why wouldn't I do it? I had to have failed all conventional treatment to do that trial. That actually happened last March," Erholtz told KARE. "It was the easiest treatment by far with very few side effects. I hope it's the future of treating cancer infusion."

Steven Russell, a Mayo Clinic hematologist, spearheaded the study and said the concept was previously tested in mice, but never in humans.

"It's a huge milestone in that regard," said Russell. "We have known for some time viruses act like a vaccine. If you inject a virus into a tumor you can provoke the immune system to destroy that cancer and other cancers. This is different, it puts the virus into bloodstream, it infects and destroys the cancer, debulks it, and then the immune system can come and mop up the residue."

Two multiple myeloma patients were chosen because they are immune-compromised, and can't fight off the measles before it has time to attack cancer. Both had limited previous exposure to measles, and therefore fewer antibodies to the virus, and essentially had no remaining treatment options. Of the two subjects in the study, Stacy was the only to reach full remission. The other patient's cancer returned after nine months.

Russell believes it's still a medical milestone, and he hopes his team can one day transform this research into a single shot cure.

"It's like a call to action. It's not just good for our virus. It's good for every virus everybody's developing as a cancer therapy. We know this can happen," said Russell.

Mayo researchers are also testing the measles virus's effectiveness at fighting ovarian, brain, head and neck cancers and mesothelioma. They are also developing other viruses that seem to have potential to kill cancer cells.

"I think it's just remarkable. Who would have thought?" said Erholtz, who said she returns to the Mayo in June for a check up.

The Mayo is moving immediately into a phase two clinical trial involving more patients with a goal of FDA approval within four years.

Patients interested in the upcoming clinic trial using measles vaccines to treat cancer can inquire here.

Sheryl E. Hartzheim

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 A Testominial about Lymphedema and Bio-Rutin

In 1996, shortly after Sheryl had her first mastectomy and the removal
of numerous lymph nodes in her arm, her arm began to swell with fluid
[lymphedema]. We had read medical information that many women died
from secondary infections caused by the fluid in the arm, and not from
the cancer itself.

We immediately began researching the possible purchase of a pump. A
lymphedema pump is used to physically remove the fluid from the arm
through a series of mechanical massaging techniques. A pump creates a
wave action of pushing the fluid out of the arm towards the shoulder;
at least back in 1996.

The information that we found was frightening and overwhelming. For
starters the pump cost thousands of dollars. And, most reviews warned
that the pump, if not properly employed, could actually worsen the
problem. Instead of gently guiding the fluid upward and out of the
arm, it might actually exercise undue pressure and squeeze the fluid
into the arm’s cells. In other words, it was not a sure thing that the
pump would actually work in removing the fluid from her arm.

        So, I began researching to see if there were other options for
removing the fluid from her arm. After a few hours of searching the
Internet, I found an article buried in a medical journal [from around
1980 as I recall], that showed positive results from the use of
bio-rutin as a natural way of eliminating the fluid. The medical
research, as far as I could find, consisted of this one study, where
it had been very effective in numerous control cases.

        That was enough for me. I went to a health food store and purchased a
ten-dollar bottle of bio-rutin. I took the bottle to Sheryl that
night, around nine o’clock. She answered the door, and I said “Take
this, it will help eliminate the fluid in your arm”. She looked at me
as though I were nuts, but said, “Okay, I’ll try it”. I was surprised
that she accepted the idea so quickly without an explanation. The
thing is the fluid was bothering her a lot, and I imagine that she
would have tried anything.

        The next day, when we talked, she said that the swelling had gone
down considerably. And, after a couple of days of taking the
bio-rutin, the swelling in her arm was gone. She was really happy and
relieved. That was in 1996.

        We could not believe that a ten-dollar bottle of capsules of anything
could have had that effect. But, it worked. And, Sheryl took the
bio-rutin on and off as needed over the seventeen years that she waged
her struggle against four different types of cancer.

---Testimonial by Charles, Sheryl’s brother


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