Sheryl E. Hartzheim: You Do Not Fight Cancer Alone
Sheryl E. Hartzheim

When I think of Sheryl there are several words that come to my mind.
The first is Love- the Love she had for her family and friends was so unbelievable. The second is strength- she had so much strength to fight Cancer for 17 years. She is the strongest person I know. The third is Faith- for the faith she had in God and the faith she had in her Doctor. And then there is Hero, she will always be my Hero for being such a strong, positive loving Sister, wife, Mom and most of all friend. No matter how bad she felt she was always thinking of the next person and what she could do for them. She never let the cancer get in her way of living life; she lived it to the fullest. I really believe God needed another Angel, because that is what she is a true Angel.

I was 16 years old when I met Sheryl I remember thinking how beautiful she was inside and out. Little did I know she would become my big sister, someone to look up to and give advice. She always looked at the positive things in life, even when it seemed impossible to think of the positive. She never felt sorry for herself; she took what life threw at her and made the best of it. We have lost a wonderful person here on earth but gained a beautiful Angel who will be looking over us making sure we are protected. I know she will always be just a whisper away. Even though my heart is broken just knowing that I have another Angel watching over me makes me feel protected. That’s what she was a protector.

Craig, the two of you have taught me what true love was all about. The two of ya’ll really honored your vows, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. I really admire you for that. You took care of her mom and Nana with no regrets and never complained about having to do something. There are not too many men that would have done everything that you have done.

Charles, you are such a wonderful brother. I cannot express how thankful I am that you were there for her, when other relatives turned their back on her for selfish reasons. You stood by her side. And I know she felt confident knowing you would be there for her children and Craig.

Dylin, you are one of her 2 miracles. I cannot express how proud she is of the young man you have become. She used to say could you imagine what our moms would do with Dylin if they were still here. Keep your head up high and remember she will always be in your heart; no one can ever take that from you. I promise you she will be protecting you and making sure no one hurts you. And just remember what I told you, if you ever need anything Uncle Steve and I are only a phone call away.

Nynah, I don’t know where to start. You have brought so much joy into your mom’s life. She was so happy when she finally had her little princess. You filled your mom with a lot of love and happiness. And the same goes to you; we are only a phone call away.

Dr Brintz, all I can say is thank you, thank you for taking such wonderful care of my sister. You gave her 17 more years of life, I really don’t know if any other Doctor would have treated her with such care and love. She really loves you and appreciates you for coming into her life. Because of you she was able to have a beautiful little girl and was able to see Dylin achieve so much in his life.

To all of her friends that have stepped up to the plate in this horrible time. Thank you, she was so overwhelmed with the love and support that all of ya’ll have shown her. She was so touched. I told her it really says a lot about how wonderful of a person she is.

When she got home from the hospital, before Hospice came in, I asked her Sheryl, what do you want me to do for you? She said just look out for my children and make my husband smile again. There she is always thinking about someone else. Then she said when you see a butterfly that will be me. So, I say to you Sheryl, I will be looking and waiting for that butterfly. Please tell my Mom, brother, Nana and Rita Mae I miss them and love them. You are now with your Mom and Dad. Until we meet again, my sister, I love you from the bottom of my heart. You are now at peace pain free; just don’t forget to send my butterfly. RIP my sweet sister. I love you.

Ree Ree Nuccio

Ree Ree Nuccio and Steve

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