The New Order of the Genetic Code by Molecular Weight for RNA
A Proposal by Earth/matriX for Listing the Amino Acids from Smallest to Largest

Incremental Order Broken by Inversion of Uracil and Cystocine on the Matrix
Sum of Individual Codons by Molecular Weight


CUAG and CTAG are proposed for the genetic code matrix instead of the conventional order of UCAG and TCAG.

The CUAG and CTAG orders follow the progressive order of the molecular weights of the nucleotides.

: The conventional presentation of the matrix for the genetic code inverts order of Uracil/Thymine and Cystosine

: Molecular weight values for codons are thus non-sequential

: Patterns are thereby indistinguishable and broken up

: Patterns of difference among molar mass values are denied

: The relationship between the codons and the amino acids are denied in various aspects of comparison

: In general, the matrix of the conventional genetic code is incorrect in its internal logic as a matrix

: Possibly Uracil and Thymine are listed first on the conventional genetic code to distinguish RNA from DNA initially, but this denies patterns and periodicities in the codons and the amino acids.

: The New Earth/matriX Genetic Code Presentation corrects the deficiencies of the conventional genetic code matrix

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Patterns of Periodicity among Proteinogenic Amino Acids
(Towards a New Paradigm in Scientific Notation)
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New Order of Chemical Formulas: The Amino Acids

New Order of Chemical Formulas: The Amino Acids
Chemical formula amino acid

A Proposal for a New Chromosomal Human Karyotype Format
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