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How to Read Schemata

Charles William Johnson


In order to overcome these shortcomings of the conventional periodic table, we are presenting a rearrangement of the elements in a compact schematic design. We refer to the formatís design as the schema. The title that we have given our study is that of The Schemata of the Periodic Table of the Elements. In time, the title may be shortened to simply, The Schemata of the Elements. The title reflects the fact that the schemata treat more aspects and characteristics of the elements, than simply that of their periodicity. In this sense, the schemata move beyond the periodic table.

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The Schemata of the Elements
Electronic Periodicity
Patterns of Symmetry are Distorted
Outer Transition Pattern of Symmetry
Proportional Periodicity
Notation of Groups and Families
Proposal for a notation of groups and  families
Pattern transition Elements
Patterns of Symmetry
Patterns of Symmetry non metals
The neutronic Schemata of the Elements
Patterns of Symmetry valence
Elements by Valences
Patterns of Symmetry of Shells
Patterns of Symmetry of Shells
Latin Symbolic Notation
Unsuspecting Symmetries
Operational Scrolling Pattern