The Neutronic Periodic Table of the Elements
Odd-Even and Even-Odd Atomic Pairs of Elements
with the Same Number of Neutrons

By Charles William Johnson

Within the periodicity of the elements certain pairs of elements have the same number of neutrons. In this brief essay, I call attention to the neutron pairs of elements and their relationship to one another on the neutronic schemata of the elements.

A translation pattern reveals itself based upon the following sequence of elements by their atomic numbers:

A most significant aspect is that the first row of sequential elements begins with odd-numbered elements; the second row of sequential elements contains even-numbered elements. And, a second aspect is that each row consists of ten elements. If one were to treat only the first 92 natural elements, then the ratio would be 10 : 7, instead of 10 : 10.

One may better visualize the patterns on the neutronic schemata of the elements than on the traditional periodic table of the elements, as illustrated in this essay.

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