by Charles William Johnson
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  • Beyond the Periodic Table of the Elements:
    The correct placement of the elements on the periodic table concerns the search for patterns within the characteristics and properties of the elements and their atoms.
  • Latin Symbolic Notation:
    The chaotic alphabetic listing of the historical names is thereby avoided, emphasis now falls on the numerical progression.
  • The Neutronic Schemata: Specialized Schemata of the Elements.
    We shall be exploring in detail some of the unsuspecting symmetries among the elements.
  • The Conventional Periodic Table of the Elements: A Certain Disorder
    The conventional table also interrupts the sequential numbering of atomic numbers of the elements, which is another reason that some patterns are broken up, and impossible to discern.
  • Handbooks on Chemistry and Physics, The names of the elements are historically accidental ones.
  • Forget the Periodic Table?. The traditional periodic table denies a visualization of the concept of the periodicity, the very concept that is supposedly represents.