Pittcon 2002 Session:
"Innovative Approaches in Science Education"

The new format for the schemata treats the behavior of the elements in a way that has not been observed in the literature to date. We are researching original patterns of symmetry that shall cause us to view the elements in a different light from any other traditional periodic table.

The presentation shall treat the theoretical posits behind the schemata, and a distinct view of periodicity of the elements. The 20-minute presentation shall be showing around thirty full-color slides of the new schematic format.

We shall be exploring in detail some of the unsuspecting symmetries among the elements, which shall allow us to visualize the meaning of the schemata in terms of teaching and research in chemistry and physics.

Aside from the well-known, conventional periodic table, based on the concepts of Mendeleev, some periodic tables are represented by different geometrical designs: spirals, pyramids, step-like designs, 3-D renderings, and so on. However, the schemata build upon less radical ideas.

It is possible to rearrange the schematic format of the periodic table of the elements, and thereby produce color-coded images of the elements and their atoms, which shall afford us a unique way of looking at the behavior of matter and energy. The conventional periodic table misses the mark regarding many of the newfound patterns of symmetry. Because of its dismembered nature, it is simply impossible to render certain visual patterns onto the traditional Mendeleev-based table.

The Schemata of the Elements allows for rendering color-coded images of the classical elementary patterns, by producing original patterns of symmetry that have not been observed until now.

At PITTCON 2002, we shall be presenting new and original patterns in a schematic format that better reflect the conditions of existence of matter-energy as of the contemporary understanding of the elements and their atoms. The schematic, color-coded images serve as effective teaching and study aids, as well as, a research tool. The schemata recuperate some of the lost predictive power of the conventional table, since the new symmetries allow for extrapolating data.

If you would like to know more about the material presented at Pittcon 2001, then, visit our website, www.earthmatrix.com, where you may also download some of the schemata displayed there. And, if you would like to receive a synopsis of the material that we shall be presenting at Pittcon 2002, in March of next year, then send us your mailing coordinates. We shall be sending out related materials at the time of the conference for those of you who may not be able to attend. Also, visit our websites during that period, as we shall be posting some of the findings at that time. go to

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The Schemata of the Elements
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