The Periodic Schemata of the Elements:

Scrolling Data on the Electronic Schemata

Charles William Johnson

The following periodic schemata of the elements illustrate select axial centrosymmetric patterns that arise from rendering color-coded data onto the electronic version of the schemata. The following examples are representative of the innumerable scrolls available on the periodic schemata, that are not available on the traditional periodic table. Similar scrolls exist on the neutronic periodic schemata as well, and select examples shall be presented in the near future.

The periodic electronic schema selected first illustrates data for the Enthalpy of Atomization. One may observe how the registered data for the representative elements travel incrementally towards the Carbon-Center axis on the schema.


          A second example involves data relating to Molar Volume, for gases based on liquid density, whereby one now observes the incremental progression of the data travelling away from the Carbon-centered axis.

          The third example presents data for Bond Strengths in Diatomic Molecules, where one may also observe incremental data registered towards the Carbon-centered axis on the periodic electronic schema.

          The final example of a scroll of the periodic schemata presents data for the Thermal and Physical Properties of Pure Metals. for some of the non-representative [transition] elements. Attention is drawn to the element number 71-Lu and its placement on the electronic schema.

          From the previous examples of scrolls of the electronic periodic schemata, one may understand how the rendering of data onto the schema offers insight into the relationships of the numerical physical and chemical properties of the elements in a more visual and symmetrical fashion than on the conventional periodic table.

          I have created over 5,000 unique scrolls of the periodic schemata of the elements, in their electronic and neutronic versions. These periodic schemata shall be made available to the public shortly through a subscription website [ ]. For additional information and/or queries about subscribing to the database of the periodic schemata, please, contact me at


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