Extracts of the Periodic Schemata of the Elements

Charles William Johnson

Read the first fifty extracts about the relationship of the temperature scale and the periodic schemata of the elements. Find out how the square root of 3 runs throughout the gradation scale of temperature. Examine the pattern of peak temperatures for every ninth element as of 5-Boron.

1.- Handbooks on Chemistry and Physics
2.- Forget the Periodic Table?
3.- Temperature Patterns Based Upon, The Earth/matriX Temperature Scales (I & II)
4.- Patterns of Symmetry and Asymmetry in The Schemata of the Elements
5.- The Square Root of 3 on the Temperature Scales
6.- The Square Root of Three as 1.0 on the Temperature Scales
7.- The Earth/matriX Temperature Scales
8.- Differences in the BP:MP Temperatures of the Elements:
9.- The Thermodynamic Scale of Matter-Energy
10.- Baseline of the First Twenty Elements
11.- Proton : Neutron Ratio and the Neutronic Schema
12.- Comparison of Centigrade, Kelvin & Earth/matriX Scales
13.- A Comparison of the Centigrade, Kelvin and Earth/matriX II Temperature Scales
14.- Triple Point of Water @100 on Earth/matriX Scale
15.- Triple Point of Water @73.2 on Earth/matriX Scale
16.- Temperature Patterns of Symmetry for Every Ninth Element: Boron Commencement
17.- Temperature Patterns of Symmetry for Every Ninth Element: Boron @ 100.0
18.- Relational Temperatures: Boron, Gold, Uranium, Mercury
19.- The Boiling Point of Water as of the Square Root of 3
20.- Relational Values of the Elements: Temperature Scale
21.- Temperatures of the 92 Natural Elements
22.- Elements With Critical Temperatures on the Schema
23.- Peak Temperature Values Every Ninth Element
24.- Midpoint of 92-Element Schema
25.- The Schaefer Point and the Earth/matriX Point
26.- Rare Earth Metals: Melting Points
27.- Existence is the Square Root of Three
28.- Reciprocals of the Earth/matriX Temperature Scales
29.- Temperature Gradation Values
30.- Relational Spacetime/Motion Events
31.- Elements 1-H and 6-C as Floating Unit 1.0
32.- 43-Technetium, 92-Uranium, 21-Scandium, 64-Gadolinium @ Floating Unit 1.0
33.- Temperature & the Neutron Count of the Elements
34.- 5-Boron as Unit 1.0
35.- Horizontal Alternating Pattern of Relational High & Low Temperature Values
36.- Plasma Physics: 1014
37.- Planck's Constant: Elements 1-H and 2-He
38.- The Reciprocity of Neutron Mass & BPW
39.- Reciprocity of Spacetime/motion
40.- Time Cycles and Temperature Scales
41.- Atomic Particles and Temperature Scales
42.- Physico-Chemical Constants and Constant Numbers
43.- The Reciprocity of Temperature and Particle Mass
44.- Constant Number Series Computational Chart
45.- Binary and Ancient Number Series
46.- Computers & Binary, Ancient Number Series
47.- Constant Numbers, Proportion, Multiples and Temperature
48.- Reciprocal Proportions of the Temperature Scale
49.- Mantissa Expressions of the Temperature Scale
50.- A Floating Scale of Proportion Based on Square, Cube Roots and Reciprocals