About the Book

An awareness and appreciation of the beauty of symmetry and harmony that can be found in all of nature must surely have been responsible for the intuitive leap of the author's imagination to cause the creation of the mathematical tables that were first presented in A Glimmer of Light from the Eye of a Giant. The new tables and figures presented in this edition combine with the earlier ones to provide reasonably sound numerical data that support the "intelligent design movement" of creationists. The Wheels of Phi and the Glimmer Tables together provide a root source for the "numbers of nature", and the Trigonometric Phi Function Selection Rule identifies those numbers that might be expressed in terms of Phi. Such numbers are thought to infuse aesthetical value into the designs of artist and architects.

Joseph's first book with Trafford, A Glimmer of Light From the Eye of a Giant, is also available for sale here.

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