by Joe Piskac, AIA

For hundreds of years a Native American stone tower with a structural height of 5ft has sat at the top of a 7,000 feet high peak in Eastern Arizona. The tower has to this day equinox alignments with volcanic cones and Native American settlements to the east. Possibly more significantly is the summer solstice alignment to the northeast that progressively aligns with a flat knoll, the town of Saint Johns, the existing Zuni Pueblo, the Zuni (Anasazi) Chaco Wash Ruins, and Pikes Peak.

In ancient times, and to some extent today there remains a pronounced relationship between solar observations, and terrestrial mapping. If man can at sunrise on the solstice find his way from Zuni Pueblo to Pueblo Bonito, and Pikes Peak, what locations exist where the sunrise is positioned at noon, and sunset? There is a natural trinity with a corresponding sense of father, son, and Holy Spirit. Reference the trinity of points and continuing the relation around the sphere of the Earth, we find a remarkable matrix of overlapping triangulations that when perceived on a two-dimensional plane composes the Star of David.

Beyond the graphic element of the star, we also find extraordinary correspondence to geologic tectonic forms, geo political structures, and ancient civilized sites. Thus a cross-dimensional, multi dimensional, matrix of relationships becomes apparent. With no intent of alienating or insulting our Islamic Brothers, there appears the possibility that the Earth is in fact the Star of David. In closing the dimensional characteristics of these observations translates into time with the solstice sunrise, and into space with the Sun being an equal element of reference for the mapping system.

Copyrighted 2001 Joe Piskac, AIA

Copyrighted 2001 Joe Piskac, AIA

Copyrighted 2001
Joe Piskac, AIA

Copyrighted 2001 Joe Piskac, AIA

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