The Code Behind the Mayan Long Count
Part III

by Vigor Berg

With this article I want to show that there is a connection between the Mayan Long Count and the Hebrew and Greek gematria as presented on the Internet by the research of Vernon Jenkins, Richard Amiel Mc Goug and Peter Bluer. The scientist of ancient arts, Charles William Johnson has with his linguistic and mathematical work clearly shown the links between ancient Egypt and the Mayans and presented the Long Count from many aspects. His basic work and his encouragement have helped me to find my way in the Mayan labyrinth.

In part I and II of The Code Behind the Mayan Long Count (CODE) I suggested that there was a code connected to the Long Count referring to a specific Mayan count for a synodic period of Venus. I also found proof for my assumption in certain geometric constructions that among others mirror synodic and sidereal orbits of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. In my work I have mainly used the Pythagorean rule for basic and special triangles, the golden number (Phi), and different calculations for Pi. Having laboured with the Mayans figures for a long time I finally found that the figure 1 314 is the code of the Tzolkin Rectangle. In Part II of (Code) I showed that when the four Mayan main counts, the Tzolkin (260 days), the Tun (360 days), the Haab (365 days) and the tropical year of the Mayans (365.2420 day), are multiplied and then divided by the 1 872 000 days of the Long Count, then the "twin" figure 6665.6665 comes up when using decimals.

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