Sacred Geometry
by Alfonso Rubino

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The language of the gods

Relationship between the Chamber of the King of the Great Pyramid and the Lord's Temple described in the Bible from the prophet Ezekiel

A - Premises

The Ancient Patriarches used a geometric alphabet whose fundamental elements were:

1- point
2- line
3- circle
4- square
5- equilateral triangle

In the work that we introduce we will show that this geometric language has been used to create a geometric model and to define the dimensions of the Chamber of the King of the Great Pyramid and the Sarcophagus that it is inside of it.

B - Creation of the model we consider a rectangle of sides: a and b

with b > a
a - width
b - length

We set for simplicity width a = 1

We calculate the element (x) such that:

x/a = a/b

and therefore x = 1/b

We now calculate the distance between the centers of the similar rectangles so built

d = b/2 - x/2 = 1/2(b -1/b)

We trace the circle of ray d and center, the center of the rectangle (a;b)

Knowing d is possible to build the inner right-angled triangle:" yellow" whose catetis measure:

c1 = b/2
c2 = d/a*b/2

From the geometric model so defined we will examine two particular cases.

First case

There is only one value of b that gives to us d = a/2 = 1/2
This value is:

b = 1,618034... = (Golden number)

We proceed to an other geometric development considering that is always possible progress to the construction of an inner figure according to the geometric sequence that follows:

We have to define a particular rectangle inside the original figure.
His dimensions are exclusively function of the length b having set dimension

h = d b/2 ( a = 1! )

Second case

If we now consider the case in which b = 2, described in the following sketch, we discover that this, explains perfectly those relationships between the Chamber of the King and the Sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid.

Comparison between relief 's measures and geometric model
The relief's measures expressed with real cùbits are:

width of the Chamber of the King - 10 RC
length of the Chamber of the King - 20 RC

- width of the Sarcophagus - 1,878 RC
- length of the Sarcophagus - 4,368 RC
- height of the Sarcophagus - 2,001 RC

(These are mediate measures because the manufactured articles have irregularities.
1 real cùbit = 0,5236 m)
if we fix the width of the model a = 10 RC and the length b = 20 RC
we'll obtain the following values for the other dimensions:

-width Sarcophagus (Model) - 1,875 RC
-length Sarcophagus (Model) - 4,375 RC

The following geometric construction also explains why the height of the Sarcophagus(Model) is equal to 2,000 RC.


We notice that it is always the construction of the yellow right-angled triangle that drives the geometric sequences that form the sizes of the Sarcophagus.

In the case of b = 2, our triangle is the Sacred Triangle of Osiris 3-4-5 where the three sides represent divinities:

3 - Osiris
4 - Isis
5 - Horus

(see the work: "Isis and Osiris" of Plutarcus)

C - Comparison between model and Temple of the Lord described by the prophet Ezekiel

If we proceed to the overlap of the two considered models:

first case: b = 1,618034...
second case: b = 2

we will get a complex model.

This model constitutes the secret inner geometric structure of the Temple of the Lord described by Ezekiel in the Bible (chapter 40 and following)

Ezechiele (Bibbia Cap.40...)
Analisi Geometrica

D - Conclusions

The geometric scheme founded must be considered a model of elevated harmonic resonance.

His function could be: allowing a superior perception of the Reality and a contact with the Divine one.

This happens naturally if we, for personal virtue, transcend the simple rational observation of the geometric forms.


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1999 ©Copyrighted by Alfonso Rubino. All rights reserved