The Origin of Culture and Civilization
by Thomas K Dietrich

The Origin of Culture and Civilization, The Cosmological Philosophy of the Ancient Worldview regarding Myth, Astrology, Science and Religion.

Non-academic, private research. Based upon complete readings of most of the classical documents in their original form from The Loeb Classical Library. The motivation was to achieve an unbiased impression of what the ancient people said about their own antiquity in their own words

.The origin of culture

An inordinate amount of the corpus of antiquity deals with myth and astrology. Using Claudius Ptolemy's Classical Astrology it is possible to reconstruct a picture of ancient cosmology and its cosmic cycles of the history of Civilization, and the Revelation, science, and myth of the Cultural Cycle.

The culminating purpose of all megalithic building, poems, writings, and myth was the acknowledgement of Deity. The appearance of human benefactors, heroes, great scientific thinkers, prophets and the Son of God are vital components to science and myth because these Revelations absolutely fix chronology and the specific points of geography where these heroes make their appearance in the world.

Thomas K Dietrich (scientific astrology) (stone carvings)

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