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Part I

Dialogue between Fernando Aedo and Charles William Johnson about Linguistic Correspondence

Fernando AEDO wrote:


I visited you website, unluckly I couldn't see the lists. Is there another a way of having the chance to visualize them?

Best regards.

Fernando Aedo.


Charles Johnson wrote:


Thank you for your interest in my work. I am not certain as to why you are unable to view the essay on the Talmud and ancient Egyptian. I just clicked on the url address and it appears to be functioning properly.

The exact url address is:

I have attached a file of this essay to this e-mail as well. I hope that you are able to view it now. If not, let me know and I will ask the webmaster to send you a separate copy. I am unable to send you a copy myself at this time, as I have just moved to Wichita, Kansas and all of my files and dsks are in storage until I am able to find and apartment and settle down once again.

Kind regards.

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